History Of Film Dubbing

Since the establishment of the film industry, in its earliest years, producers were trying to combine movie shots with sound, this being considered a great genuine art form. Back then, in the silent movie era, the facial expression and the actor`s gestural expressiveness were the only way in which spectators could fully understand the movie since there was no sound complementing the film. The only spoken/written language was provided by brief captions, also called inter titles, inserted between two scenes. The multilingual translation of the film was possible by just shooting additional scenes with the same captions but written in a different language. As this was a long and time consuming process, producers felt that it was necessary that films were synchronised with sounds as the positive way to further develop the movie industry with clever voice over recording.

Around 1895 producers started experimenting with sound synchronisation with the intention to bring the silent era to an end. Finally, in 1927, Warner Bros, together with First National studio, managed to mark the end of the silent film era with the movie The Jazz Singer. The movie feature only four talking scenes and the sound was merely voice-over rather than synchronised sound. Despite the roughly bad voice-over this was a huge step for the industry`s development and the movie managed to turn Warner Bros into the major leader in the film industry at the time.

Despite the minor success, there was the language barrier between the new voiced movie and the foreign audience which was an obstacle to the success scale of movies abroad. The solution implemented between 1929 and 1933 was the reproduction of the same movie in different languages with the help of foreign actors who are fluent in the given language. However, this solution had two major flaws: reshooting the entire movie was too expensive and (in the case of the American movie industry) foreign actors did not have the same impact on the audience as the already famous Hollywood actors. This fact was bringing losses to the movie makers and they felt the urgent need to find a substantial solution to the multilingual reproduction of movies.

A solution was found in the face of “intra-lingual dubbing”- producers thought that in the same way they were applying the original language spoken text to the already shot images, they could apply another foreign language spoken text next to it. Later, inter-lingual dubbing and multilingual shooting were combined- shooting close-ups on multiple language versions and dubbing the rest of movie.

Later, in 1940, the quality of the sound movies was improved thanks to the invention of magnetic recording tapes- multiple records were made- one for the dialogues, another for the noises and sound effects, and other for the movie music. This gave the possibility for different parts of the records to be combined, without others to be deleted. It was possible to replace or just transfer the voices or the sounds needed, making one big colorful picture of sounds which accompanied the movies.

Top Robot Vacuum Cleaners Of 2013

When I was little, my favorite animated series was “The Jetsons”, mainly because I was seeing my mom and dad go to work for long hours. get home after the tedious day and instead of sit down and relax, my mom would start cooking the dinner while my father would being cleaning (or vice versa). They didn’t want to involve in the process from a young age because they wanted me to get as much of my childhood as possible because they undoubtedly realized my life wouldn’t be distinct from theirs and I would have enough time to clean and cook and in my adult years. Of course, at some level, I felt that, too, which is why I’ve always been thankful to them. This is also the reason I loved “The Jetsons” so much – I imagined that in my adulthood I would work about 8 hours a week and would have robots do everything for me. Sadly, this is not yet the case, but we are slowly getting there. Perhaps the children of my children will live in such a reality. For now, though, we have automated vacuum cleaners, which is pretty neat, when you think about it, because they save you so much time. However, not everything you see on the market is worth your hard earned buck, which is why I decided to compose this list of the top robot vacuum cleaners of 2013.
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iRobot Roomba 770

This pricey piece of contemporary automatic cleaning equipment is worthy to kick off the list. Its interesting puck-like design alone will be enough to cause your dog to run off to the bedroom and hide under the bed, but when you switch it on and it starts vibrating, you can truly witness its sucking power. And boy, does it suck! The Roomba 770 possesses advanced suction technologies and would definitely be lower in the list if it didn’t have the intelligence of a brain-damaged hockey player. Seriously, it’s like they’ve decided to go for a whole hockey theme, up to the aggressive sounds the machine starts making when it faces an obstacle it can’t pass. Other than that, it’s a great independent vacuum cleaner.

Neato XV-21

This puppy wins bonus points for price. Not that it’s all that cheap, but on the other hand, when you want a self-cleaning, automatic vacuum cleaner, you have to be ready to cough up some serious dough. The Neato XV-21 might sound cooler than the Roomba, but it’s less powerful and even though it won’t terrify your dog that much, it’s still going to cause it to bark every time you switch it on. On the upside, it’s a bit smarter than the Roomba 770, although not by a huge margin, so don’t expect it to solve integral equations anytime soon.

CleanMate QQ3-T

This one is basically dog-friendly, and a really affordable mechanical companion for almost anyone with a steady job. Of course, diversity is not its strong suite, but it does the trick. The low price of this gem is what grants it the first place, because honestly, it performs basically the same functions as other vacuum cleaners of the same category, only does at a smaller price. Still, you shouldn’t expect miracles from this sort of machine. They are more of a luxury than actually useful pieces of cleaning equipment. Sure, they can clean your carpet if it’s not severely polluted with alls sorts of hard particles, but if you wait for a week before you turn them on, they will most likely not be effective. On the upside, you can vacuum every day, given you remember to charge the batteries, so there is that.

Author Bio: Connie Jameson is a freelance blogger and writer passionate about everything related to technology. She has a part time job for Kensal Green TenancyClean and spends all her free time blogging.

American McGee’s Alice Otherlands

greener lifestyle 300x199 American McGee’s Alice OtherlandsIt’s no longer fiction ladies and gentlemen.  If you are looking for a sequel to Alice in Wonderland: The Madness Returns by American McGee, you need only wait for production.  There was a Kickstarter for the game, and since the goal was met, production has begun, and a DVD is scheduled for release in 2014.  Now wait, you may say – wasn’t Alice owned by Electronic Arts, one of the big bads of the gaming industry?  Well, you might be right, but there was a conflict with McGee’s vision and their budgeting and licensing rights, so he took it to Kickstarter as an independent project so that he could get the funding he needed and could use his own creative vision instead of being limited by the EA corporation.  It was actually a pretty close call; the release actually wasn’t completely funded until less than a day before their deadline – talk about taking it right to the wire!


photo main2 300x225 American McGee’s Alice OtherlandsWith one of the perks being dinner with American McGee and his production team in Shanghai, where development will be taking place, it’s no surprise the goal was met.  All sorts of fun additions to the actual game depending on how much you pledged, as there often are for Kickstarter campaigns, it’s no surprise that diehard fans would be attracted to the event, and it only took 20 days to reach the goal of $200,000.  In fact, they succeeded it, raising actually $222,377 total with 3,389 backers.  On average, people pledged about $50, which guaranteed them a game and something signed by McGee himself; there were actually two trips possible, one if you pledged $5,000 and one if you pledged $10,000 – one included sent you to SanFrancisco to have dinner with McGee, while the other allowed you to go to Shanghai while production was happening.  It’s almost like winning a trip from icon-property.com or something, though you do have to pay for it, but meeting with McGee sounds amazing!  And, surprisingly (or perhaps not), someone also thought that sounded like a great opportunity, and did pledge the $10,000 for the trip to Shanghai.


But anyway, we’re done talking about the funding logistics – let’s get into the actual game!  Apparently, McGee had always wanted his Alice franchise to be a trilogy, and this will be the third installment; though no one says there won’t be any more, so don’t get nervous … And he’s been posting teasers for this game for month; if you follow his Twitter and Facebook pages, you’ll know what I mean.  In fact, the reason this project even went to Kickstarter was because there was so much fan attention given to his concept art, posted on his Facebook page, which you can see to the right.  Apparently this was the box art he originally wanted to use for Alice the Madness Returns, but EA vetoed his creative vision.  This got everyone in a titter, because he called this his Alice in Otherlands concept box art, which suggested the possibility of the sequel, and it was stated that this would be higher paid prize for Kickstarter contributions.  Since then, he has held small contests on his Facebook page in order to increase his fandom, giving away free limited edition pictures from the Madness Returns, having cosplayers dress up according to his guidelines to possibly be the face of Alice in a live action trailer … He is all about his fans, which is nice when he isn’t teasing.


Different from the other games, McGee plans on making this one a series of episodic adventures, rather than a long, driving plot that goes through Alice’s mind.  Instead, she ventures into the minds of other character’s she’s met or will meet, and is able to adjust the landscapes of them psychologically in order to make them more (or less) balanced.  It’s a dive into the minds of others around her, and is supposed to show the nasty things that can crawl out of the human subconscious.  So far that is all we know, besides the fact that it was speculated that the game might become an MMO game (Massive Multiplayer Online game), which received a lot of resistance from fans.  However, one thing is for sure, we are excited for the projected 2014 release date, and the game is in production now.  Just cross your fingers and wait for fruition ladies and gentlemen!

The Tallest And The Shortest People Of The World

The average heights of humans keep increasing every decade thanks to the improved nutrition and lifestyle. Researchers have found that, the average height of men in particular has risen by a good 11 centimeters since 1890s. Depending on living conditions and ethnicity, the average height of men varies drastically. Men are usually taller than women in any ethnic group. Women however, grow much faster in their early teen ages since their puberty occurs earlier when compared to men. There is always a normal distribution in height in any specific ethnic group. Let us take a look at the tallest and shortest countries.

- The United States

The NationalCenter for Health report shows that, the average height of a man beyond 20 years of age is around 5’9.4″ in the U.S.

There is also a misconception among a lot of people around the world that, Americans are the tallest people in the world – this is simply not the case. The tallest people in the world are from Europe.

- Netherlands

According to the data compiled by Tpraseri, the average height of a fully grown man in the Netherlands is 5 foot 11 inches, which roughly equates to 181cms. This makes Netherlands home to men with tallest average height.

- Iceland

Iceland comes a close second with the average height of an adult male being 5 foot and 10.8 inches.

- Scandinavia

Scandinavian countries which includes, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, has 5 foot 10.7 inches, 5 foot 10.6 inches, 5 foot 10.4 inches as average height of adult men, respectively.

- British

The average height of a British man is 5 foot and 10 inches after the age of 20 years; where as the average height of a British woman is 5 foot and 5 inches.

Humans have grown a great deal taller than they used to be a few decade ago. According to the Oxford Economic Papers, the analysis of data from earlier military records and population survey shows that, men are nearly 4 inches taller than their ancestors who lived between 1880 and 1980 in Europe. This makes men with height, which would have been considered normal a few decades ago, regarded abnormal. Height increasing shoes or altitude shoes are popular among shorter men in Europe and the U.S. which can help them increase their height up to 5 inches without anyone noticing.

- Asia

The average height of men in many Asian countries is less than 5’5”. Indonesian men have an average height of 5 foot and 3.6 inches and Philippines with 5 foot and 3.8 inches. Cambodia seems to be the country with the least average height among men at 5 foot and 3.1” inches. In most of the Asian countries, the average height of men living in Urban area seem to be higher when compared to the rural population because of improved life style and access to better nutrition.

This also brings us to another interesting thing. This means that, with the same height, one will be considered short or tall depending on the country they live in. For instance, if your height is 5 foot 5 inches, if you happen to live in Indonesia, you will be viewed as someone with more than average height and if you were born in a European country or in the U.S., you will be considered less than average. This is why limb lengthening surgery and height shoes for men are more popular in the Europe and North America than in Asia.

A Simple Walkthrough Towards a Greener Lifestyle

greener lifestyle 300x199 A Simple Walkthrough Towards a Greener LifestyleThe world is currently facing one of its greatest problems—global warming. Glaciers rapidly shrinking in size, rapid melting of ice on certain regions, extreme weathers, significant increase in temperature, all these are just some of the things that are being experienced all over the world. Fortunately, some people have already taken the initiative to make the necessary efforts to go green and contribute in addressing this problem. If you are interested to join this advocacy, keep reading for the most effective ways on how to go green will be unraveled.

Going Green: Public Transportation
One of the greatest contributors to global warming is the pollution that is caused by the different kinds of gas-powered modes of transportation. You probably are used to driving your own car anywhere you go. You drive your kids to school, drive to work, or drive to shop for some groceries in your local supermarket. The problem with this is sometimes, even if the location is not too far away from your home, you still choose to drive your own car and consume gas.

If you really want to go green, this is the right time to start getting used to public transportation. Sure, driving your own car may be more convenient, but public transportation is not that bad either. Not only is this an efficient way to minimize the consumption of gas, it is also an effective way to save some money. Alternatively, if you are going somewhere that is only a few blocks away from home, just go take a walk or grab your bike.

Going Green: Home Improvement Hacks and Energy-Saving Techniques
In order for energy providers to keep up with the demands and produce the electricity that you use for your appliances and gadgets, a large amount of fossil fuels are being burned. These fossil fuels when burned give off greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Help out by switching off unused electric appliances and other devices. Aside from that, if you can afford it, try to buy eco-friendly home appliances. They normally cost a little more compared to the standard ones, but they can greatly contribute to regulating the energy consumption of households.

Aside from this, there are also some home improvement hacks that you may find useful. One of the most important ways is to use an environment-friendly kind of lighting. Energy-saving CFLs and LEDs light bulbs from lightingEVER (an ENERGY STAR Partner) are some of the best options. If you are planning to have a house built, consult with your architect such that your windows are properly situated to allow natural light inside the house and minimize your use of artificial ones.

Another home improvement strategy is to make your own cleaning products from scratch using some readily available materials such as lemon, vinegar, and baking soda. This is advisable because some of the commercial cleaning products contain toxic materials that are harmful for the environment. In relation to this, try to limit your use of water in cleaning as well as when taking a bath.

Going Green: The 3Rs
This is probably the most clichéd way of going green, but this is actually effective. Proper waste disposal and following the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) are critical in the preservation of the environment.

This can be done by trying to reduce your use of non-biodegradable materials such as plastic bags and instead, try to make use of eco-friendly alternatives like paper bags. If using these can’t be avoided, reuse these plastic materials or recycle them if it is not possible for them to be reused.

Final Words…
Choosing this kind of lifestyle should not be merely for the purpose of just stepping into the bandwagon of pseudo-environmentalists. It should mean that you are expressing a genuine concern for the environment and are ready to take the necessary steps for the welfare of the next generations to come.